Skyn Iceland Cloud Cream Review

Skyn Iceland | Pure Cloud Cream Review

Here’s my review on a sample I had of Skyn Iceland’s Pure Cloud Cream.

Claims: Skyn Iceland’s line is supposed to be “Solutions for Stressed Skin” and it’s Pure Cloud Cream is “a light-as-air cream that pampers and calms super-sensitive, over-stressed skin.

Packaging: The sample I had came in an almost 2.5 inch square packet. It didn’t say how much was in the packet but it lasted me about eight or so uses. The full sized version is in a jar container, which doesn’t thrill me at all because I’m not fond of products you have to dip your finger in to use. I do love the back of the label that has this, cute huh?

Skyn Iceland Cloud Cream Back

Ingredients: So there wasn’t a list of ingredients on the sample so I had to find this online… and wow no wonder why. It’s too long to even print it on the sample! I looked it up on EWG’s Skin Deep and they gave it a 7 in regards to hazardous ingredients. The worst ingredient being retinyl acetate (vitamin a acetate) which can cause cancer or developmental/reproductive toxicity. Yikes. Seems like they try to add several other harmless looking ingredients to balance it out 😛

Skyn Iceland Cloud Cream Ingredients

How to use: Pretty simple as it gets, apply cream to face and neck after washing your face.

My impression: It has a nice citrus-like scent that sort of reminded me of goo-gone but not in a terrible way, it’s a faint smell and it isn’t overpowering. My first impression, looks like a lotion but performs like a cream. I used it after trying out some face masks on a few nights and it did add any irritation and added back some hydration, just what I wanted so it was perfect.

Price: $65 (Free shipping on Amazon) for 1.7 US fl oz.

Would I purchase? While I was happy with how it performed I don’t think it was that impressed that I’d shell out $65 for it. I prefer the cheaper (and less toxic) route and get a jar of Cetaphil or CeraVe cream instead and maybe add some essential oils if I missed the smell that much.

Cliff Notes Version: It was a nice sample but I wouldn’t buy it.

*Sample was obtained by my own money. Affiliate links contained in review.

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