Pumping Mamas Essentials

The Pumping Mama’s Essentials

If you plan on going back to work and continue pumping, here are a few things I feel are really helpful! This is in addition to the obvious items like the breast milk pump system (bottles, valves, tubing, etc) and a place to keep the milk cold while you’re at work.

1. Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags (5 count)

These are super convenient for quickly sterilizing all those bottles and breast milk pump components all you need is water and a microwave. (See instructions for proper use) And be very careful when taking the bag out of the microwave! I’ve even seen these used at the hospital where I gave birth to my daughter.

2. Fairhaven Health Milkies Freeze

It has a quick freeze tray on top freezes each bag flat for efficient storage. Just pop the milk bag on top, let it freeze, then store it in the compartment. The opening at the bottom of the compartment removes all the guess work and ensures “first in, first out”.

3. Madela Quick Clean Breastpump Accessory Wipes 24 Pack

I try to pump as often as I can during my workday so I often need to clean the bottles, membranes and valves. Rather than washing everything in the break room sink at work, I use these wipes and just let them all air dry. Love these things!

4. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 100 Count

You don’t need to go with this exact brand but I’ve used a few hundreds of these and never once have any of them leaked. And I’m one to cry over spilled milk… at least the breast milk kind. I work hard for this liquid gold and it would break my heart if a bag leaked.

5. Rumina Nursingwear New Classic Crossover Hands Free Pumping and Nursing Bra – Black, Small

This is just an example of a hands free pumping and nursing bra but I definitely recommend something of this sort. Honestly, I use old sports bras that I cut holes in. They work fine for me. You’ll be spending a lot of time pumping and it definitely helps not having to sit there and hold them the entire time! ick! Instead you could surf the internet, catch up on some blogs, fold clothes, write some articles, etc. I may or may not be writing this while pumping, just saying!


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