Glossybox August

Glossybox | August 2014 Happy 3rd Birthday Glossy!

I finally got my August Glossybox… in September! I’m not too happy with the loooong shipping but what can you do? On to the goodies…

Glossybox Eyeko
Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner in black

Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black | Retail $16 0.07 oz. | Full Size $16

I was super excited about yet another eyeliner. Seriously, can a girl have too many?! No way! I kid… sort of. I would love to find the most amazing, can’t live without liners so I’m happy to try as many as I can get my hands on. This is a “mini” version but it’s still a pretty good sized sample. It would have been nice if the cap could fit at the end of the pen so that I could store it there while I was using it, avoiding having to hunt it down when it rolls away. I always lose the caps of these things. Ick. But that’s not really impacting it’s performance so oh well.

I was so excited about getting this that I tried it on right away. It’s actually not included in my box picture because I forgot to put it back in before I snapped the picture. Anyways, I regretfully report that this is one of the worst eyeliners I’ve tried 🙁 I really wanted this to be “the one”. It was hard to work with, the tip dried super fast that I ended up taking off more eyeliner than I put on. I even tried it again to see if maybe it was just me… well maybe it is just me but I still had trouble the second, and third time. So I give up!

Excitement rating: 5/5

Glossybox Krylon
Krylon Highligher for Glossybox in Cashmere

Kryolan Glossybox Highlighter in Cashmere | Retail $18.95 0.16 oz | Full Size $18.95

This was created by Kryolan exclusively for Glossybox for their third birthday. My first impression was that it was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be, about an inch and a quarter square. I’m not really sure why I thought it was going to be a larger size, I just did. In the pot it looks like a soft pink cream but applied it has the perfect touch of shimmer for a nice dewy finish. Personally, I’m going to save this one for winter as my skin can get pretty oily in the warmer days so I usually stick to powder highlighters.

Excitement Rating: 4/5

Glossybox Sparitual
Sparitual Nail Polish in Navigate

SpaRitual Explore Color Collection | Retail $12 0.5 oz | Full Size $12

I can’t say I was that excited about the color but I thought I’d give it a try anyways. I just don’t do blue that often and when I do it’s usually more of a navy blue. But live a little, right? I did like that the grips make it easy to open. Nothing frustrates me more than having to open a stuck OPI bottle with pliers.

Excitement Rating: 4/5


Glossybox Uberliss
Uberliss Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

Überliss Hydrating Conditioner | Retail $25.90 12 oz. | Sample $4.32
Überliss Hydrating Shampoo | Retail $23.90 12 oz. | Sample $3.98

I love sample size hair products. My hair responds the best to products when I first try it out, it’s what I call the honeymoon phase. That plus I have this thing about finishing bottles, I can’t throw anything away and I hate having hundreds of shampoo bottles so sample sizes are perfect for me. I guess you can say my hair has commitment issues. The scent reminds me of a Paul Mitchell shampoo I used to use when I was younger. It’s not the best scent, not exciting. But I’ll try it because it’s supposed to be hydrating.

Excitement Rating: 3/5


Glossybox eslor
Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream

Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream | Retail $85 1.7 oz. | Full Size $85

I also have issues with things that come in these pots. Like I mentioned in a previous post about the lip balm pot that came in a previous Ipsy bag, I’m not a fan of these, it’s just not very hygienic either. I guess I can’t really complain about that if I use mascara, because that’s really just a petri dish in a tube. But face creams usually come packaged like this and good thing I have a little plastic scoop thing that’s just for things like this. And I reeeaallllyyy can’t complain because this usually goes for $85!  Way more than the cost of the box so I’m a happy camper. Plus day creams are really great for winter. This, along with the highlighter, are going to get put aside for now, but not for long. Winter is coming.

Excitement Rating: 4/5

Overall Thoughts

This is a great box, valued at $140! Happy Birthday to Glossy? Happy Birthday to me! Even minus the eyeliner and my disappointment with getting the August box in September, I got my monies worth 😀

Purchase Price: $13.54
Total Value: $140.00
Overall Excitement Rating: 3.8

Want Glossybox? Feel free to use my referral link. I get 250 Glossydots if you sign up using my link, 1000 Glossydots = a free box. You can earn 20 Glossydots for each product you review each month. So you could earn a free box if you do the reviews on all the products from your subscription after ten months. I would suggest to sign up using a promo code. I got my box when they had a 20% off a year subscription deal, see post about it here. So $176 for twelve boxes, and if I do the reviews it’s 13 boxes total, making it about $13.54 a box! That was the best deal I could find.

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