About Me

Hello lovely!

with my little love.
with my little love.

Welcome to my terribly great world and thank you for stopping by!

What is Terribly Great? It is my outlet, it is a little bit of everything but probably mostly makeup because I’m an addict. I’m an INTJ without an artistic bone in my body. But I do love crafts, food, smoothies, desserts, hording beauty products, and I hate buying anything that’s full price.


Just a little info on me in regards to product reviews… I have combination skin that occasionally breaks out, my skin tone is medium with slight yellow undertones and I have long frizzy damaged hair.

Legal Stuff

… This site can contain affiliate links and include products that are provided to me for review, however, most are paid for by myself and all the opinions are MY own! I am not responsible for changes to pricing on products or changes in any promotions. While I do my best to provide accurate information on my site, everyone else’s is out of my control. Always check the link and terms from the source of any affiliates or for any promotions.